(1) Launched a "clean city waste-to-energy technology alliance".

(2) Ningbo project was awarded "AAA domestic waste-to-energy plant".

(3) Ningbo project won the Luban Award of China Construction Engineering                   (National Quality Project).

(4) Became a member of the National Engineering Laboratory of Flue Gas

     Multi-pollutant Control Technology and Equipment of Tsinghua University.

(5) Signed a a cooperation agreement at Élysée Palace, Paris, locked up the first

     batch of investment projects with a total value of 2 Billion Euros.

(6) Was selected as a vice President of China Urban Environmental Health


(7) Became the first enterprise to receive loan from the Asian Development Bank to

     support the construction of eco-industrial park.

(8) Held the first public Welfare forum.

(9) Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the United Nations International

     Center for Environmental Technology.


(1) "Top 10 Influential Enterprises" of China's Solid waste.
(2) Top 5 of the total scale of waste-to-energy in China.
(3) Zhuhai project won the "AAA Level domestic waste-to-energy plant".
(4) Obtained Ningbo, Nanfeng, Qingdao West Coast New District, Zhenping,

     Guangshan and other 5 projects, was selected of 50 "national resource

     recycling base".
(5) Became a member of the National Engineering Laboratory for Waste incineration

     Technology and Equipment of Zhejiang University.
(6) Gained Hangzhou Linjiang Project with capacity of 5,200 tons.
(7) Organized the 10th Anniversary celebration and Global Partnership Day activities.
(8) First "SUS' song".
(9) Public welfare in action.


(1) Was the first time selected as one of China's "Top ten Influential Enterprises" of   

     solid waste treatment.
(2) Ningbo project was put into operation.
(3) Obtained Nanchang, Huangdao, Sanhe and other projects.
(4) The top 9 of total scale waste-to-energy in China.
(5) Was selected to the 19th National Congress of the "Forge ahead five years" large

     achievement exhibition.


(1) Became the pilot enterprise of patent work in Shanghai.
(2) Obtained the Ningbo Eco-industrial Park Project (PPP Demonstration Project of

     the Ministry of Finance).
(3) Obtained a number of technology and equipment supply projects such as CLP 

     International, China Energy Conservation, Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited.


(1) Won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.
(2) Changed into a joint stock company.
(3) Awarded "Shanghai Excellent High-tech Enterprise"
(4) Ranked the first of the single annual grate market in China.


(1) Identified as Shanghai high-tech enterprises.
(2) Won the first prize of science and technology progress of the Ministry of Education.
(3) Rudong, Haikou plants were smoothly put into production.


(1) Introduced and innovatively improved the Swiss VonRoll-Hitachi shipbuilding

     machinery grate furnace, realized the localization of incineration equipment.
(2) Provided technology and equipment for Xiamen, Rudong, Haikou multi-site

     waste-to-energy plants.


(1) Zhuhai project was put into operation.
(2) Obtained projects in Shenyang, Taiyuan, Qingdao, etc.
(3) Many projects were selected into the PPP demonstration projects of the Ministry

     of Finance.
(4) The national market share of grate is over 40% (including Hitz).
(5) Enter the field of agricultural and forestry biomass power generation.
(6) SUS College was set up.


(1) Introduced strategic partner -- CITIC PE.
(2) Obtained the PPP project of Zhuhai Eco-industrial Park.
(3) The construction of a high-standard Eco-industrial park opens the revolution of

     NIMby into PIMBY.
(4) Established the international Business Department.


(1) Signed a number of waste-to-energy plants.
(2) Technology and equipment exported overseas, the first stop is Bangkok, Thailand.
(3) Entered the field of soil remediation.


(1) ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications.
(2) Obtained a number of invention patents.
(3) Business expansion to Fujian Ningde, Guangdong Huidong and other places.


SUS Environment was founded by Dr. Long Jisheng and Mr. Zhu Xiaoping.



To be continued...