Spare Parts Sales Business

1.Important equipment spare parts.
2.Spare parts for wearing parts.
3. Original imported spare parts.

Business Scope

Technical Consulting Services

1. Burning technical consultation.
2. Design consultation.
3. Evaluation and consultation of waste-to-energy plant.
4. Performance diagnosis of incineration equipment.

Operation Management Services

1. Daily operation management of waste-to-energy plant.
2. Waste-to-energy plant optimization operation guidance.

Overhaul and Maintenance Services

1.Routine maintenance of waste-to-energy plant.
2.Waste-to-energy plant overhaul.
3.Waste-to-energy plant equipment renovation.

Third Party Function Supervision

1.Supervision of plant operation.
2.Comprehensive expert support.
3.Construction of intelligent supervision system.


SUS Environment has invested in the construction and operation of eco-industry parks with WtE as pillar, integrating treatment of other waste such as sludge, medical waste, food waste, kitchen waste, construction waste, and electronic waste.

Comprehensive and in-depth "care"

Different from the traditional domestic equipment maintenance mode, SUS Yuzao is committed to build a perfect equipment maintenance process, through the information provided by equipment diagnosis, timely provide maintenance advice, reduce the risk of running with problems, unplanned furnace stop, change the "treatment" to "prevention", so that the project operation is more stable.