Reducing Food Loss and Waste
TIME: 2020/07/29

We must take action at all stages of the food supply chain to reduce the approximately 168,000,000 tonnes of food wasted in North America each year

Our Work on Reducing Food Loss and Waste

Across North America, governments and businesses are increasingly realizing the enormous impact of food loss and waste. Uneaten food represents social, environmental and economic costs, but also a large opportunity if harnessed properly. Taking action to prevent food loss and waste offers a rare “triple win”, that is, economic gains, reduction of environmental impacts and improved quality of life for those who currently lack sufficient food. Explore our ample research, tools and training to support North American efforts to reduce food loss and waste.

Youth Engagement on Food Loss and Waste

This Food Matters Action Kit is loaded with informative resources and hands-on, creative activities to inspire youth of all ages to prevent food waste at home, at school and in their communities.

From organizing a Disco Soup party and learning food preservation techniques to building worm compost bins and solar dehydrators, the action kit with its activity guide is designed to encourage youth of all ages to protect the environment by preventing food waste.

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