Ningbo WTE Project

The location of the project is surrounded with households, villages, ancient buildings, schools and special agricultural products planting bases. There are many objections from local people, which may escalate into mass incidents at any time.

In strict accordance with the requirements of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, SUS has established a social and environmental management system, set corresponding evaluation indicators in environmental impact, involuntary resettlement and other aspects, and carried out supervision and management of the project.


In 2019, Ningbo project, as a classic case of "NIMBY turning Into PIMBY", was selected into the United Nations' human-centered PPP Solid Waste Energy Conversion Guide.


  • At the Beginning of the Project


    SUS worked closely with the government to publicize and teach the public waste-to-energy: printed more than 8,000 copies of propaganda materials, produced and released 5 propaganda videos, and organized 20 batches of 1,500 people to visit the waste-to-energy plant in operation. Invited industry experts to face-to-face with the masses to help them resolve their doubts; Published the environmental impact assessment documents of waste-to-energy on the website of enterprises, and accepted the supervision of the public in a wider range.

    Within the 20-day contract period of demolition, 96% of the contract rate had been achieved, and no mass incident had occurred in the process of project promotion.

  • During Project Construction


    The deindustrialization design was adopted to create a new landmark of Ningbo, which won the First Luban Award of China's construction project in waste-to-energy industry for Zhejiang Province. At the same time, it was awarded the national "AAA domestic waste-to-energy plant".

  • During the Project Operation


    Strictly implement the requirements of the Ministry of Environment for "installation, planting and linking", and publish real-time monitoring data of flue gas emission. Every Friday is open to public scrutiny. A community compensation mechanism was established to allow villagers to share the development dividends by giving free slag and helping villagers develop organic agriculture. Open the sports facilities and fitness places in the factory to the public for free.

    The first waste-to-energy museum in China was set up to vividly demonstrate the technological process of waste-to-energy and popularize environmental protection knowledge such as waste classification, waste utilization and environmental protection.
    As the industrial tourism demonstration base of Zhejiang Province and the popular science education base of Ningbo city, the project has received more than 13,000 visitors from 475 batches of government departments, students and community residents in 2018. It has become a significant case of NIMBY turning into PIMBY.

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