What We Have Done

SUS attaches great importance to the safety and health of employees, actively carries out various safety education and training, enhances the safety awareness, and strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees.

Developed an occupational health and safety management system and obtained an OHSAS 18001 (GB/T28001-2001) Occupational health and safety certificate.
Established a risk management system to identify and manage potential risks in project operations.

Combined daily screening and regular inspection, formulated and constantly improved all kinds of emergency plans, and carried out a lot of exercises, and constantly improved the ability of staff to deal with emergencies.

EHS committee issues monthly briefings and holds regular safety education, training and examinations to ensure that safety and health awareness, knowledge and methods are well received.

We have provided labor protection equipment for employees to ensure that they work in a safe and healthy environment. Each employee is entitled to a free medical examination once a year.

Typical Cases

Aerial Work Safety Management
Video learning combined with special inspection, and held a drill

Safety Month Activity

Risk prevention, in addition to the hidden danger, halt the accident

"Four Precautions" Summer Activities

Flood control and fighting, lightning protection units and cooling purposes, prevent equipment damage of overheating